We are dedicated to making the built world part of the connected world

We believe that data serves as the backbone to driving change in the built environment.

Our mission is to liberate data from the built environment and create the world’s first virtual “physical network.”


Meet the team

A Backpack for every building

Backpack has brought together a team of Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurial technologists to link the built world to the connected world. Our goal is simple - to create the first system of record for commercial building data.


We integrate with existing cloud-based data, use wireless-enabled hardware to connect to on-site operational technology, and walk through the front door of every building on our platform to catalogue detailed physical building information.

Our comprehensive approach ensures confidence in the accuracy and verifiability of every piece of data in Backpack’s software platform, providing peace of mind to everyone who accesses the data, from building operations teams, to lenders, insurers, and regulators.


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